How To Prepare For IIT Entrance Exam & Admission in ‘Dream College’

Prepare For IIT Entrance

How To Prepare For IIT Without Coaching, Entrance Exam. ‘Indian Institute of Technology’ (IIT), Dream College of almost every PCM students. Every student after their tenth class taking maths as their subject thinks to take the entrance exams for NIT or IIT.

How to Prepare For IIT Entrance Examination?

Every year almost 14 lakh students compete against each other to take admission in NIT out of which only 2 lakh 40,000 students are then allowed to give IIT’ entrance test. After tenth class, students start preparing for the exam and the coming 2 years are crucial time(period) of their lives, as not only a student need to be determined but he or she also has to be patient and hardworking, keeping a goal in their mind to achieve something big in their life by clearing the entrance.

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If you are reading this article and you are preparing for your JEE entrance, so you are on the right path, you just have to work hard towards your goal because you are thinking about your goal.

So here are some important tips:
1) First feel motivated because this is something which will help you a lot towards achieving your goal and be positive as you know you can achieve this, TRUST YOURSELF.
2)Prepare a plan as to how to divide your time into three subjects(Physics, Maths, Chemistry). Know your weak subject and give more time to that subject so that you can improve your weak subject. For eg – if you are studying for 8 hours a day so you can give 3 hours to your weakest subject for example your weakest subject is physics and then 2 hours to maths and then 2 hours to chemistry and revision for 1 hour.

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3)Know your Syllabus and practice previous year’s question papers because solving these papers will give you a lot of confidence.
4)Never miss your lectures and sleep for at least “7 hours” so that you can feel fresh every day.
5)Always remember to share your “difficulties” with your parents because they are your true supporter and motivator because all they think about is your bright future and how you can achieve something big. So in between studies talk to your parents as it will give you relaxation in between.
If you have any other interests like dancing, painting you can always keep that going on to relax and rejoice in between.

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If you have joined any classes for your preparation, ask any types of doubt that you have about your teachers. Study with interest as that will give you more knowledge and you will find yourselves involved in the subject. If you are thinking of giving this entrance exam, it takes a lot of confidence’ to try for this exam, so please work hard, also be more patient because you will be confused many times that whether you are on right track or not. “BELIEVE YOURSELF”, YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT.
Some important books :
MATHS: S L Loney books (plane trigonometry and coordinate geometry), Cengage.
CHEMISTRY: Organic chemistry by OP Tondon, Modern approach to chemical calculations.

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Lastly don’t overthink your results as the results will not decide your future but give your best, give your 100 percent even if your results are not as expected but you will feel satisfied that you have tried your best. ALL THE BEST, Work Hard don’t overthink but think about your future after getting into your dream college. Thank you for reading this article.

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