Who Lives On ADAK ISLAND | Geological Weather

About ADAK ISLAND Geological Weather? | Areas | History;

Where is ADAK ISLAND Located? Adak island is Situated in Southernmost city of Alaska’s. The Adak. Island Areas 711.18 KM*KM, [ 54.50 Km in Long x 35 KM in Wide ], 25th Largest Island in the United States of America [ USA ];

Adak word is taken from the ALEUT word Adaq, which means, ‘Father’.

Mostly Climate of Adak island is Harsh winds, Frequently Cloud Cover, and Cold temperatures making it an Enjoyable moment for travelers.

Adak Island History

Basically, Adak island has been home to “Aleut Peoples“, Since Antiquity. Russian Explorers IN the 18th century visited Adak. islands. As per ADAK Island Wiki

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